Information Needed

Hi, my name is Sven Roufs and I’m from The Netherlands,

I have recently adopted a grave of a soldier who fought in the second 2ID Mortarworld war. And, who now is buried on the American war cemetery of Margraten. Stichting Adoptie Graven Amerikaanse Begraafplaats Margraten

His name is Baker, James Benjamin from Orange County he was part of the 23rd Infantry Regiment 2nd Infantry Division.
I am doing research about whom he is and what he has gone through, I already have some information found on the web and requested a few documents form the government in the USA.
I also found family of my adopted soldier but they have also not more information than I already heave.

I hope that someone here can help me to new information if that is possible.

If you can help me with any kind of information I would greatly appreciate it.

You can send me a letter to

Kind regards,

Sven Roufs